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Tactile Component's domes provide excellent quality at competitive prices! 

Our tactile metal dome switches can be found in membrane switches, rubber keypads, hybrid PCB’s and keyboards.  Industries include consumer products, medical, automotive, appliance, security, agricultural, aerospace and many more...


Tactile Metal Domes

   Type                     Price Each

Stainless Steel                      

Nickel Plated                        

Gold Plated                                      

Click the image for more Specifications

$ .03

$ .04

$ .08

 Above pricing is for 12.7mm domes or smaller.  Contact us on other sized domes. 

12 month blanket orders taken for quantities over 100,000 pcs. (10k min. release quantity)

Check out all our dome possibilities!

Click on the dome to get size and plating options

SNL - Star, No Dimple

RNN - Round, No Dimple, No Feet


RDN - Round, Dimple, No Feet


ONN - Oblong, No Dimple, No Feet

ODN - Oblong, Dimple, No Feet


TDF- Triangle, Dimple,  Feet


RDF - Round, Dimple,  Feet


SDL - Star, Dimple

Star Dome

Our domes are packaged in bulk or can be packaged in custom formats upon request  


With over 200 types of tactile metal domes to incorporate into various products, our selection is one of the largest in the industry.  They are separated by category, size and force available.  Don’t see a size or force your looking for?  Call or request a quote on a custom dome created from new tooling, for minimal one time NRE tooling charge.

Need Custom Domes Created?

Need Custom Domes Created?

Need a Quote or Free Sample?

Custom shapes and sizes available! Custom actuation forces can be supplied at little or no additional cost!

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