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Defined by Quality, Powered by Knowledge

Since 1998 our reputation for service, quality and pricing has enabled us to retain our customers and establish long term business relationships for many years.  We value these relationships so much that when called upon, we extend our knowledge in supply chain, manufacturing, cost reduction and troubleshooting solutions. President Tom Jevert is a Global Sales Agent of Conductive and Printed Materials for Daejoo.  He is also available as a consultant in all of these areas on a short term contract basis. 


“Being in the aerospace business, our company relies on consistent and quality materials to ensure repeatability in our process that is vital in leading to customer satisfaction. Tactile Components has supplied us with the same high quality epoxy for over 12 years and we use it every single day in our manufacturing processes.” 

Graham M.

“Great service!  Tactile Components is always looking to satisfy our requirements and expectations!  Highly recommended, a good option in a supply chain.”

Marcela V.

“I have always enjoyed dealing with the team at Tactile Components.  Appreciate the friendly service & consistent product, what more can you ask for.”

Mark B.

“I have always received prompt and courteous service from Tactile Components.  They have been a great vendor to work with”

Celeste P.

"I get same day confirmations for my reorder PO’s which is extremely helpful for my daily procurement schedule.  Anytime I have special project requirements, he goes above and beyond to figure out the best solution for us.  We truly appreciate the relationship and partnership that has formed between us and Tactile Components.  As always we, thank you!” 

Nicole C.

"Since 2004 we are using your services,  The attention, the compliance and the product have been good.  We hope to continue counting on you”

Jamie L.

“Having TACTILE COMPONENTS as our main provider for Conductive Ink, Dielectric and Domes just to name a few of their products has been a pleasure.  Always good quality, on time, price, but the most important thing is their human warmth.  Something you so not find so easy there days anymore.  Just another Mexican happy customer.”  

Francisco S.

“Tactile Components is a great vendor, their quality product and friendly service is outstanding.  We’ve been doing business with them for over 16 years.”  

Bill M.

Check out Tom's extensive experience on his LinkedIn profile 


We are not only here to provide you with high quality supplies, we want to provide any advice we can to help your company create top quality products!

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